Ruínas Romanas de Milreu

Located to the west of the historic village of Estoi, 8 km from Faro, the Villa Romana de Milreu reveals a continued occupation from the 1st century to the 11th century. Knowledge of its history reveals that it was inhabited by families of high social and political status, who were provided with the needs not only of a rural daily life, but also of great recreational experience.

In the 4th century, a richly decorated religious building was erected and is still preserved until the beginning of the vaults, intended for the private worship of the family. Christianized in the 6th century, the temple would also serve the cult in the Islamic period and until the 11th century. Between the centuries. In the 16th and 19th centuries, a rural house with cylindrical buttresses was built over the private rooms of the old Roman house.

The richness of this rustic villa is evident in the important volume of archaeological finds, such as predominantly marine-themed mosaics, various marble and ceramic coverings, painted stucco and decorative sculpture.

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